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At Zula Afrika, We are dedicated to make your daily travel experience as simple and less stressful as possible!

Bringing you a comfortable daily commute experience is one of our highest priorities and that’s why we continuously try to improve your experience when you book with us.

Our Core Services


User Experience

Our services are specialised per customer, ensuring that the services are rendered to you at your convenience. Users can interact with the Zula mobile/web application to amend travel schedules. Flexibility at your finger tips.

Zula seeks to improve the lives of commuters by getting you to work safely, with less hassle, collectively reducing traffic congestion.


Professional Service

Our professional drivers are well equipped to ensure you travel safely, they each have an advanced driving course certificate as well as a CPR certificate. They are the friendly face of Zula and embody our values of courteousness, integrity, safety and service above self.


Driven by latest tech

With the use of technology, we are able to group commuters together based on common travel schedules. This ensures that travelling to work is as efficient and cost effective as possible. We are always looking to improve our technology to make it easy for professionals to seamlessly get a Zula shuttle. Our mobile app will be coming to you soon.

What we do.

The Problem

Transport is the third highest overall priority in South African society behind health and education. The Commuter Pain Survey, which analysed traffic patterns in 20 major cities internationally, rated Johannesburg as the fifth most congested city in the world.

South Africans spend on average 40 working days per year stuck in traffic, costing the economy billions in lost productivity.

Zula Afrika is a web app enabled shuttle service that groups commuters living and working in common areas into daily shuttles. Mobile app coming soon!

160 private cars reduced to 10 shuttles!

We aspire to change the attitude of South Africans towards public transportation. We believe the added convenience and flexibility that our services offer will achieve this goal. Benefits include:

– Reduced traffic congestion over time;

– Increased economic productivity;

– Work force afforded more time for the more important things in life;

– Reduced wear and tear on personal vehicle;

– Sharing transport costs increases individual disposable income;

– Eco friendly due to lower carbon emissions.

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Thousand people drive into Sandton daily!
Cars expected daily to EY,SASOL & Webber Wentzel alone!
Days/year stuck in traffic
Thousand cars in JHB roads daily