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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

-The Zula Afrika network allows the forces of demand and supply in the marketplace to determine the price.

-The driver will determine the price based on the cost of travelling between two points. In their calculations they will take into account the petrol used and any toll fees that may be applicable.

-They driver will then apportion the cost to each passenger. i.e. if there’s only two of you he will divide the cost by two.

-As the passenger you will be provided with all the drivers who are on that route, leaving at that time, and the amount they are charging. You can accept the price that you think is best.

As a driver, how do I determine how much I should charge? 

General Guidance (Updated March 2019):

-If you’re driving in an urban area with relative congestion (traffic!) you can look to charge approximately R2.50 per km.

-If you’re driving on an open road with little to no congestion, the price per km is approximately R1.40 per km. You should make adjustments if and when the petrol price moves.

-This guidance is based on the petrol consumption of a VW Polo, and the driver will need to make adjustments based on their vehicle type.

How do you ensure safety?

Safety is of utmost importance. Zula Afrika verifies the identity of ALL passengers and drivers as well as the validity of driver’s licences. Through positive identification of all users we are able to further verify users place of employment and criminal records. Zula reserves the right to prohibit access to the network as part of our safety policy.

What are the benefits of being a driver? 

-You save on daily travel. If you only pick up one other person, you can save 50% on your travel costs.

-You know best how much you spend on a particular route, therefore you can determine what price to charge.

-You receive 80% of the amount that you’ve charged, Zula Afrika shares in the other 20%.

-You still have your car to use during the day, as per usual (where you can pick someone up or travel solo, your choice).

-You pick up whoever is ready to leave, when you’re ready to leave, no stress, no fuss, no complicated co-ordinations. So, it is possible that you go home with a different person than the one you picked up in the morning.

-By sharing a ride, you contribute to reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. You are an active contributor to cleaner air and a greener planet.  

What are the benefits of being a passenger? 

-You save on daily travel. If the driver only picks you up, you can save up to 40% on your monthly travel costs.

-You save time, by using your time more productively whilst the driver chauffeurs you to work!

-You save on your own car’s maintenance and mileage.

-You effectively use a transport network that picks you up at home and drops you off at work, as if you were using your own car. No walking or driving to public transport points.

-By sharing a ride, you contribute to reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. You are an active contributor to cleaner air and a greener planet.

When are driver payouts made?

– Drivers can expect payouts for their weekly trips within 10 working days.